Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Thanks to amarullz XDA Devs
First you must prepare
1.Root Explorer,Download--->HERE
2.External Memory Class 10(don't try this if you still use class 6/4 because it will make your app run slower)
4.Uninstall all darktremor or link2sd
5.Ammarulz Script(Created by Ammarulz),Download----->HERE

Okay Lets Start
1.Backup all your data in your external memory to your pc
2.After that reboot to recovery mode by pressing power+home
3.Press Volume Up& Down to move
4.Choose Advance...
5.Choose Partition SDCARD
5.5 choose ext4 if they ask type partition(skip this if cwm didn.t ask you)
6.Choose how many space that you want give to your device(512mb Recommended)
7.After that reboot your phone and you will realize that all your data at sdcard all gone
8.Restore all data to sdcard and copy 40ad2sdx to sdcard(extract zip file before copy it)
9.Install Root Explorer & Open it
9.5 Open /system/etc/init.d and press Mount r/w button
10.Delete Any A2SD Script/link2sd in /system/etc/init.d ( common name was 40a2sd )
11.Copy 40ad2sdx from sdcard to /system/etc/init.d
12.Reboot your phone
13.Voila!now try check your internal at task manager/app manager and see the magic

Screenshot From My Phone:


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